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Why is Website Content Always the Last Priority?

I often wonder why businesses (and myself) have trouble with a lack of content on their sites or pages. It irks me when I go to a page expecting to find out more about a topic, and instead I get a bare-bones page with a couple of sparse details. Now this isn’t always the case with webmasters attempting to conform with Google’s Panda updates, but I have seen many sites create amazingly engaging content that forces the searcher to spend some time on page, reading about the product or service. Why do websites go live with intent of adding more content later on, then never following through?

I think it has to do with clients wanting to get their services out on the web as quickly as possible because every day they are missing out on potential customers. When you work from within a company, you inherently form a bias of why your product is better vs. some competitor’s product.  It just seems natural that people are going to want to buy your brand, because hey, it’s your brand, why wouldn’t they want it? Not everyone falls in this trap though, and I think marketers and salespeople realize that you need to sell your services to your potential customers. So why is it any different with web pages? Why do site administrators(designers, developers, webmasters, clients, etc) fall short in the area of content? It’s the best place to to tell your story. Every business has a story, a narrative. A couple of years ago, two researchers(Raj Raghunathan and Szu-Chi Huang) at The University of Texas were examining “whether consumers make choices based on logical comparisons of performance, or are they emotional creatures who gravitate to products that appeal to their senses, feelings or moods?” Without going into depth, (you can read it here: http://mccombstoday.org/2010/04/do-you-make-buying-decisions-based-on-logic-or-emotion-a-tale-of-two-chickens/) their research showed that:

“The earlier you make the emotional connection the better, because once consumers have decided they like a particular option, the more difficult it is for them to backpedal. Their thinking falls in line with the emotions”

Your content should aim to attract searchers with that initial hook that gets them reading your main services or product; which eventually leads you to acquire new leads and customers. To ensure that you can keep your customers happy in this consumer-driven global economy, you need to focus on the relationship with your customers and engage them. Most of the time consumers just want to feel that they have a voice and that they’re being heard. By engaging with users, you can help turn them into your brand ambassadors.The goal being in turn that they are more likely to recommend you to one of their friends or followers.

Of course, there could be an issue of what you like to work on with websites. In my personal opinion, I like working on the design of the website more so than working on the overall completeness of the site. What’s your favorite part of working on a website?